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Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal


Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal

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by Solenco
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Solenco Air Purifier - Purification Pal for Healthy UK Homes

Enhance your child's wellbeing in the UK with the Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal, a cutting-edge air purifier designed to create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in nurseries, bedrooms, and playrooms. Its advanced air purifying technology not only improves air quality but also promotes better sleep for your baby and, as a result, for you as well.

  • Award Winning- Loved by Parents- Best Nursery Innovation (Platinum) & Best Children's Healthcare Product (Silver) 2024.
  • Tailored for Your Child's Space: Perfect for a 10m² area, making it ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, or playrooms.
  • Sleep-Enhancing Benefits: Contributes to improved sleep quality for your baby, which means more rest for parents too.
  • Customisable and Fun Design: Comes with interchangeable characters, adding a playful touch while ensuring the best air quality.
  • Four-Stage Air Purification System: Effectively eliminates up to 99.975% of airborne pollutants like allergens, pollen, dust, and smoke, safeguarding your child's respiratory health.
  • Quiet Operation with White Noise Feature: Offers a tranquil environment conducive to sleep, complemented by a soothing white noise sleep aid.
  • Energy Efficient: Operates at only 45 Watts, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home.
  • Optional Night Light: Provides a comforting glow, perfect for bedtime routines.
  • Allergy Foundation of South Africa Seal of Approval: Recognised for its effectiveness in improving indoor air quality.
  • Long-Lasting Filter: Comes with a durable 4320-hour filter life, with replacement filters easily available.

Safeguarding Your Child’s Health and Development with the Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal:

In the UK, where indoor air quality is a growing concern, the Solenco Air Purification Pal emerges as an essential tool for maintaining a healthy living environment. Common household elements such as cleaning products, carpets, and even external factors like outdoor traffic can contribute significantly to indoor air pollution. This innovative purifier acts as a protective barrier, reducing your child's exposure to a range of harmful contaminants. By filtering out airborne irritants and pollutants, it substantially lowers the risk of respiratory issues such as colds, flu, asthma, and allergies, which are particularly crucial during the early stages of development.

Beyond its primary function of purifying the air, the Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal is designed with a child-friendly aesthetic. Its soft night light feature creates a soothing atmosphere, aiding in peaceful sleep – a vital component of your child’s health and growth. The addition of interchangeable stickers allows for a personalized touch, making the purifier an engaging and enjoyable element of your child's nursery or play area. This thoughtful design ensures that the purifier blends into the room not just as a functional appliance, but as a playful, comforting presence.

Additionally, the Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal offers more than just physical health benefits. By ensuring a clean, fresh environment, it contributes to creating a space conducive to cognitive and emotional development. Children growing up in healthier environments are likely to have better concentration, reduced irritability, and overall enhanced wellbeing.

The purifier's operation is quiet and unobtrusive, ensuring that your child’s sleep and daily activities are undisturbed. Its energy-efficient design reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability, an important consideration for the future world of our children.

In conclusion, the Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal is more than just an appliance; it's an investment in your child's health and happiness. Its advanced filtration technology, combined with a child-friendly design, makes it an indispensable addition to any UK home. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are providing a safer, cleaner, and more joyful living space for your family.

Technical Specifications
For nurseries  10m2 @ 4 air cycles/hour
Noise level 24 – 48 dB (quieter than your electric toothbrush)
Power supply 230V/50Hz (a normal plug-point)
Power consumption 30-45W (minimal impact on your electricity bill)
Replacement Filter Find it here.
Air flow 83m3/hour (ample for an average-sized room)
CADR rating 92m3/hour (53.7cfm) (the clean air delivery rate measures an air purifier’s effectiveness in removing different particle sizes)
Filters 3-in-1: Pre filter, carbon and H13 HEPA (able to kill bacteria and viruses and trap up to 99.975% of particles, allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, mould spores and pet dander)
Filter lifespan 4320 Hours
UV-C The ultraviolet light helps to kill microorganisms
UV light wavelengths 254 nanometres
UV-C lamp 20,000 hours (4 years @ 12 hours/day)
Dimensions & weight 259mm x 179mm x 265mm; 2.5kg (ultra-light and easy to move)
Fan Speed Four
Sleep mode Yes
Warranty 24 Months
Timer 2/4/8-hour

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